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Yes, I find that particularly frustrating as a publisher - especially since, being in Canada, I see Google AdSense 90% of the time on my sites. I see brand after brand, getting imprinted on my brain, and yet that's all being given away for free unless someone clicks. Google is making loads of money regardless, and Coke, Pepsi, BMW, etc. are getting billions of dollars in free brand advertising - and the Web site owner gets nothing at all. It's a badly broken system.
Well, Google won't make money out of the AdSense text ads - they only charge if there's a click, and pay more than other networks (they published their % last month). They do charge for image ads though, like CPM but those are paid out.

In essence CPC ads are a branding thing, and the "action" (click) not always happen. But still better than CPA.

However... Google is now paying 10x less to me than three years ago.

My theory is that there are more publishers competing, so revenue is spread thin between all. Also advertisers are paying less now. And Google changed the clickable area in the text adverts, making CTR fall about 15%.

The best tihng is "local" ads, but you need to have a sales person to drive this...

And, not sure about you, but I have tried offering "subscriptions" for ad free experience - people simply prefer to install an ad block (and completely dry out any revenue we could possibly have) than pay, for example $5 a month for a very fast site with no ads or scripts at all.
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