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Originally Posted by mmidgley View Post
I never had a mental policy to '1 page, 1 ad click', but I have found myself doing just that because I know it supports a site. However, if everyone started doing this--where they click an ad out of policy/habit, not out of genuine interest--wouldn't the advertisers figure this out and quit paying out for it? or reduce what they pay?
Well, to be clear, I said "1 visit, 1 click", so it's not like I click on one ad on every page I see. Also I said "I find an ad that I'm interested in and click on it" - so I don't think of it as click fraud; I glance to find an ad that's interesting to me. And if there isn't one, well, I don't click. It's not a hard and fast rule, more like a simple guideline I try to follow. And the purpose of an ad is to get a visitor to the site; if once you're there, they can't keep you there or get you to engage, well, that's their problem.
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