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I agree with Jason's accessment of the state of the Zune. I've had my share of problems with installs. In addition I'd like to add the following:

Bookmarks. The Zune needs a bookmarking system for multiple files that remembers it's place whether or not the Zune is in "standby" or turned off.

It would be nice if files marked with the Genre of "AUDIOBOOK" were automatically provided with bookmarks when the Zune is placed in "standby" or turned off.

Audiobooks should have their own startup category or be merged with Podcasts... Podcasts/Audiobooks.

Placing files in the Podcast folder is a poor excuse for implementing bookmarks for all genre's.

How about some EQ? Lot's of headsets need a little tweaking. Earbuds, IMHO, need even more tweaking.

Provide a selectable feature that "normalizes" files sent to the Zune.

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