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Originally Posted by freitasm View Post
Don't you have advertisers that pay you per click but in the ad they put in big letters their 0800 number (or 1-800 in US/Canada), making people think twice before clicking, therefore making you lose the "action?" but getting the brand exposure they want?...So people end up with the "branding" but don't buy anything - you spread their brand but don't get paid.
Yes, I find that particularly frustrating as a publisher - especially since, being in Canada, I see Google AdSense 90% of the time on my sites. I see brand after brand, getting imprinted on my brain, and yet that's all being given away for free unless someone clicks. Google is making loads of money regardless, and Coke, Pepsi, BMW, etc. are getting billions of dollars in free brand advertising - and the Web site owner gets nothing at all. It's a badly broken system.
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