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First, I'm giddy happy about this because webOS is truly awesome and I'm REALLY glad it isn't going to die. It just needs some marketing and some better hardware. Now...'s my take on the actual deal. First, I think that HP sees everyone except RIM completely abandoning the enterprise market. WP7, iPhone, Android...all consumer-focused. HP is in just about every enterprise in the world. HP says, hmm, there might be some synergy there if we beef up the platform's enterprise features a bit and take over the #2 enterprise OS behind BB (from WM, of course).

Second, they want to play in the tablet space, but again be able to focus on enterprises and healthcare. Having full control over an OS (to say, add digitizer support and handwriting recognition) to something that isn't NEARLY as heavy as Windows 7 is very appealing.

I think it is a really smart play for HP. Yeah, maybe they'll lose interest as they did with the iPaq, but I really don't think so. I see this as them finally deciding to be a player in the fully-integrated mobile market. I really think this is a major deal, and a really good thing for the market.
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