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Originally Posted by Jason Dunn View Post
UPDATE: Well, I just had a 50 minute phone call with my Chitika representative, and the short version is that this morning they switched on their banner ads for people outside of their "supported countries", which included Canada.
While I support a business wanting to target their ads to any audience they want to, I'm constantly running up against these geographical barriers. When is the marketing world going to wake up to the fact that there is something called the Internet that lets shoppers see and order products across borders?

Sure, the advertisers don't want to pay the same rate to advertise to us lousy Canadians, but why decide to serve up crap to Canadians? We have a stronger dollar than last year, so I'm buying much, much more over the 'net than ever.

Jason, if I were you I'd be all over them for lost ad revenue since those of us who visited your sites immediately shut those tabs due to the huge annoyance factor. Heck, the fact that these terrible ads were sprinkled throughout promotional posts for your vendor partners probably did them some harm, too. I hope you are being compensated for lost goodwill while you are at it.

BTW, I've managed to support your other advertising links by checking out what they were promoting. I figure reputable advertisers and their channels should be supported.
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