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Default I would have to disagree

Originally Posted by benjimen View Post
The new WM devices being pumped out by HTC and others are prettier than what we've seen, but as every review of them states as a negative, it's still WM underneath.

I would have to disagree. I find the fact the WM is underneath to be a huge plus. WM is a great OS -- Microsoft just felt that it would be end-users and developers picking up the slack on the GUI end -- which was initially a mistake -- as the iPhone has pumped some much needed GUI work into the WM arena.

WM has a huge amount of potential and power; you just have to find ways to utilize it -- which are coming around much easier and faster these days. With the release of 6.1, I have had no stability issues what so ever with my Samsung I760 - which btw is the best phone I have ever owned WM or not.

Take a device like the I760, throw in SPB Mobile Shell, Opera and the most excellent (and free) Mymoblier and you have a complete phone that can do anything you ever wanted with ease.

That being said -- I downloaded the SDK for Android and I must say the interface is quite nice --- simple -- but nice; Very clean, touch friendly and smooth. It still has some work to be done but not bad at all for a first release --- especially from a company that has an enormous tendency to never bring their software out of beta -- EVER! Also I would not want any of my company information (email, calendar, docs...) syncing with a system that I, the IT Director, can not control and is in beta and has had really bad security issues.

But that is just me.
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