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Personally, I think MS waited to long. They went underwater in the wake of the iPhone's WOW factor and won't be coming up for air until well after Android has swooped up the enthusiasm of what's left over.

After using it since the first monochrome HP clamshell devices, I'm bored with WM, and couldn't be more frustrated with WMDC. The new WM devices being pumped out by HTC and others are prettier than what we've seen, but as every review of them states as a negative, it's still WM underneath.

Having pre-ordered a G1, I moved my personal domain over from a Hosted Exchange sevice to Google Apps and for the first time started playing around with Gmail and Google Calendar. After a few days, I'd be hard pressed to switch back. Amazing stuff I do miss not having birthday and anniversary fields in the Contact app, but it's expected to be added at some point. Public Calendars blew me away, especially when I searched them for stuff in my city. The ease with which you can share any of your own calendars is another huge plus.

Initially, I perceived the G1 to be a fun diversion until WM7 came out; now I'm thinking of it more as a learning device to bang up, not bother getting a case for, and play around with until newer, sleeker, smaller Androids come to market
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