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This ties in well with the only aspect of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform I'm truly disapointed with.

There is no Zune connector on the phones. This was their huge missed opportunity to get some weight behind their Zune in terms of licensed devices. Without a standard connector (hell I guess I'd be fine with an announced software interface) they aren't going to have radio dock's and car connectors, and as such it really limits to use of the device outside of itself.

I completely agree that they needed to create an iPod/iPhone doppleganger as it gives sooooo much more momentum behind the marketplace. In fact I have such a hard time reccomending anything other than an iPod Touch to anyone I know who wants an MP3 player and doesn't have a smartphone, simply because of the utility of the marketplace.

Hell I bet they could sell the Zune media player for a small loss and make it up on the market and licensed connected devices.

It's a real shame that the HD looks like it'll be a bastard child of the Zune brand since the hardware is not compatitble with the WP7 hardware I doubt it'll receive the love the phone will going forward and the device basically needs to be scapped and started over.

Is it really too much to ask for my Windows Phone 7 to work with my car stereo so I can use the hardware forward and back buttons? Thats what I always wanted from my Zune that it could never give me.
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