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Menneisyys 12-04-2004 08:43 AM

Some cool FTP/Wi-Fi/WZC benchmarks
I've originally posted this to firstloox ([url][/url]). Because the subject can be of much brodader/generic interest (WZC, the vast performance difference between various FTP clients etc.), I post it here too.

Please note that I've done all the benchmarks on my Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720. The figures are likely to be different on other machines; still, the general conclusions may be the same.

Iíve run some new tests under different conditions to measure:

1, the transfer speed of all the major Pocket PC FTP clients (Resco Explorer 5+ís FTP plug-in ([url][/url]), CedeFTP 2.5.3 ([url][/url]) and vxFtp ([url][/url])) to the main memory, to flash cards and to a USB hosted hard disk.

This question is of extreme importance when you have a very fast (e.g., academic or corporate, not just a slow home DSL/cable) connection and want to transfer files of some 10 Mbytes. For example, youíre downloading mp3ís/DivXís from your online repository to watch/show your friends ďon the fieldĒ, where the fastest download speed is of extreme importance because your friends are eagerly waiting for the download to finish.

[i]As it turned out, vxFtp is by far the fastest client when transferring to the main memory. (See the importance of the size of the main memory? iPAQ hx4700 users, anyone? :E ) Itís at least 2 times faster than both Resco and CedeFTP.

When it comes to download straight to a flash card or the USB host, CedeFTP becomes the fastest of all. However, vxFtp isnít very slow in this respect either Ė itís ďonlyĒ 2 times slower when writing straight to SD (while, for example, Resco is an order of magnitude slower).

Resco Explorerís FTP plug-in is a total loser in both downloading to main memory and, especially, to storage cards.[/i]

2, the effect of weak Wi-Fi signal on the Wi-Fi speed.

[i]As it turns out, it has little effect because itís not Wi-Fiís actual speed that is the bottleneck on a PPC, unlike with much more powerful desktop/notebook computers. As can be seen from the results, the maximal throughput doesnít really descend even under harsh conditions. Of course, connection _stability_ is a totally different question.[/i]

3, the effect of enabling/disabling Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC). As WM2003(SE)ís WZC is continuously trying to find other APís even when bound to a specific peer, you canít achieve the same speed with WZC enabled than with WZC disabled.

[i]As it turns out, when you enable WZC, the performance penalty is some 8% at around 300 kbyte/s (it was the only case that Iíve checked Ė although, several times just to be sure. The performance penalty may be smaller at slower speeds Ė e.g., when the Access Point is sharing a slow connection). Itís not that much Ė still, the results are worth considering; WZC is a real pain in the neck anyway, not just because of its negative effect on the transfer speed.[/i]

Comments are welcome!

[b]Numeric results:

Weak (about -85 dBm), encrypted (128 bit WEP) signal:[/b]

to main memory: 285 kbyte/s
to Ridata 40* CF: 71 kbyte/s
to SanDisk 256M SD: 50 kbyte/s

to main memory: 136 kbyte/s
to Ridata 40* CF: 14 kbyte/s
to SanDisk 256M SD: 8 kbyte/s

to main memory: 150 kbyte/s
to Ridata 40* CF: 90 kbyte/s

[b]Average (about -63 dBm), encrypted (128 bit WEP) signal:[/b]
to main memory: 154 kbyte/s
to SanDisk 256M SD: 101 kbyte/s
to USB hosted MamboX P-353: 72.2 kbyte/s

to main memory, with WZC disabled: 310 kbyte/s
to main memory, with WZC enabled: 287 kbyte/s
to SanDisk 256M SD: 52 kbyte/s
to USB hosted MamboX P-353: 60.5 kbyte/s

Menneisyys 12-09-2004 07:59 PM

I've measured the same with my iPAQ 2210 + Asus CF Wi-Fi combo.

vxFtp, disabled WZC:
to main memory, 266 kbytes/sec
to SD, 87 kbytes/sec

So, vxFtp main memory/flash card transfers are equally fast/slow on all platforms.

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