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MARGUERITE 08-20-2008 06:44 AM

Any good online sources for premium photo paper???
[FONT=&quot]Hello everyone. I wanted to know of a good online source to purchase premium photo paper. I am looking to print photos of our family vacations, birthdays, etc.
Can anyone suggest a store I should consider purchasing from?
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Jason Dunn 08-22-2008 07:07 PM

The best quality papers tend to be those made to match your printer. So if you have an Epson printer, buy Epson paper. Basically any store that sells inkjet printers will sell the paper for it. Or are you looking for a unique size that isn't sold locally?

leyonchung 08-15-2012 10:07 AM

Premium photo paper
Some paper is manufacturer specific. You might want to let us know what the make and model of the printer is. My HP c8180 uses a specific type of HP paper for alignment reasons. When I load it a bunch of lights work with something in the paper to insure that it is square in the tray and the ink is a quick-dry type that only works well with this same paper type unless I use a different ink system (which would produce pics of lower quality

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