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View Full Version : More Backgrounds at ZuneArt.com!

David Tucker
06-11-2007, 03:28 PM
In the spirit of backgrounds this Monday morning, head on over to Zune Art to find a huge selection of Zune backgrounds. The site lists nearly 400 backgrounds already in 19 different categories. If you register you can add your own creations to the directory for other people to download! <br /><br />I spotted this posted over on Tech Guru's Corner and he particularly liked the 3D Art section. I agree with him. It's definitely my favorite as well. The sports section has some really nice backgrounds too. If any were actually my teams I'd love to have one!<br /><br /><strong>EDITOR'S NOTE:</strong> I've removed all the links in this post because we've since learnt that the Tech Guru post was a paid post (the &quot;disclosure&quot; is at the very bottom rather than at the top where it should be), which means he was paid by ZuneArt.com using <a href="http://www.payperpost.com" target="_blank">PayPer Post</a>. We would have gladly linked to ZuneArt.com ourselves because it's a good resource, but instead they opted to use a blogger who whores his &quot;opinions&quot; out for money. We will never link to any site or person that is involved with a service such as this. - Jason Dunn

Adam Krebs
06-12-2007, 09:00 PM
I wish Zune-arts.net (or zune.net) had a wallpaper section where they pasted up all the wallpapers they put in the commericals, and a place where users can submit photos to be used as wallpaper. I have a great picture that I use as my background that I send to people whenever I can, and would love to see it used elsewhere...