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View Full Version : New Zune for my B'day!!

05-30-2007, 02:47 PM
Dear Everybody,,
Today (May 30th) is my B'day! But I can't resist my younger bro' asking for my OPINK -my Zune, remember?- this afternoon. Coz I didn't give him a present on his b'day last may 5th. :(
At last, I've to share my ex Zune with him. 12-12 hours from now. :mad:
Well, sometimes goodbye's the only way >>Linkin Park Sez<<

Love my OPINK, Love my Bro'. But I wanna have the brand new one!!!!!! :confused:
I'll purchase it 4 months from now! Wish I could buy it A.S.A. I can!

Dear Admin, held the other giveaway for me and the other members. Orrrr... U'd like to give me for free at all??:D:D:cool::D:cool: