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View Full Version : Pocket Programming Language 1.12 released.

01-19-2007, 08:30 PM
Pocket Programming Language v1.12 has just been released.

In this version you will find a revamped PIDE GUI which follows the Windows GUI guidelines more closely and a huge amount of fixes.

To download PPL 1.12 please go to http://www.arianesoft.ca/download.php?list.2

PPL is also available as a Lite version for Free and you can try out the Pro version for 15 days for Free.

Change log:

- Revamped PIDE interface to follow Windows GUI guidelines more closely.
- Fixed form code generator if no controls are on form to create correct ppl code.
- Added mouse events to game map control.
- Fixed Override statement compiler error bug.
- Fixed bug in Swapi.ppl Edit_LoadFromList() function.
- Fixed bug in Swapi.ppl, Control_Show and Control_Hide to keep z-order level on control.
- Fixed Access Violation error in Component Navigator.
- Fixed MakeExe() issue when trying to build an Exe for the PPC from the PC.
- Fixed problem with ForEach() loop with Del() inside.
- Fixed DelAll() function returning a blank list pointer everytime.
- Fixed Trim(), LTrim() and RTrim() to support blank strings and to return correct strings.
- Fixed MCount() not to count sub-matrix group as extra.
- Fixed ForEach() to work properly with matrix.
- Fixed MType() to return right type.
- Fixed package file extraction routines.
- Fixed some internal package routines bugs.
- Fixed LoadSpriteFromMem() on PocketPC to support other file types than just bitmaps.
- Some fixes to the AND operator in PASM.
- PPLPUSH in PASM now uses UNSIGNED INT values.
- Fixed ProcessSprites() to recalculate all sprites not just the displayed ones.
- Added STN_DBLCLK to static.ppl library.
- Fixed NewSurface to fill the surface with black by default.
- Fixed Editor installation issues.
- Fixed Edit_Get in swapi.ppl.
- Added some defines in Common.ppl for ProgressBar color messages.
- Fixed LoadSurfaceFromMem() function.
- Fixed Visual Form Editor to tag form as changed when NameSpace option is changed.
- Fixed variable untyping internal code to remove array of structure flag from variable.
- Fixes to PPL multidimensional array row-major ordering.
- New function ColumnMajor() to change ordering of multidimensional array to Column-major storing.
- New function RowMajor() to change ordering of multidimensional array to Row-major storing.
- New functions: SpriteFrameCount(), SetSpriteFrameCount().
- New functions: SpriteDefaultWidth(), SpriteDefaultHeight().
- New function: ScaleSprite().
- Fixed TVN_SELCHANGED and TVN_SELCHANGING for TreeView component in common.ppl.
- Editor/VFB: User menus have been updated and now work in both the editor and the VFB editor.
- VFB: FRM meta data has been updated.
- VFB: Updated some copy write statements.
- VFB: Added some file header comments.
- Editor: Changed the names of the files in the editor project to add "ED_" to the beginning of the name except for editor.ppl and editor.prj.
- VFB: Added the option for namespace code to the forms.
- VFB: Correct problem with generating valid code with no controls on the form.
- VFB: Updated all of the forms to add the namespace option.
- Fixed debugger trace when variables value are invalid.
- Fixed debug command not to restart the debugging after a breakpoint.
- New toolbar functions in Swapi.ppl.
- Fixed toolbar OnClick event message to NM_CLICK.
- Added notification message support variables in HANDLEEVENTPARAMS macro in Swapi.ppl.
- Added notify messages to Windows.ppl library.
- Fixed RadioButton and CheckBox drawing on form in PIDE.
- Fixed Trackbar help location on MSDN.
- Fixed Trackbar event messages.
- New OnHScroll and OnVScroll messages on form.