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View Full Version : For Sale: Dell Axim X50v, completecare warranty, 1GB SD, 256MB CF

05-10-2006, 02:31 PM
I no longer use my PDA, so I'm selling it. It was purchased with Dell's "Completecare Accidental Service" warranty, which is transferable and covers the unit until Novermber 2006. This unit has a VGA screen and GPU capable of smooth video playback and 3D gaming. It comes with the X50v, stylus, case, battery, charging/syncing cradle, manuals, software, and game pack. I am also throwing in a 1GB Lexar SD card and a 256 MB PNY CF card.

It works flawlessly, however, I misplaced the little plastic CF slot spacer (it fills the slot if there is no CF card in it). I figure this shouldn't be a big deal since I never used it without a CF card and I'm including a CF card with the unit. Also, the screen has a couple minor scratches on it from normal stylus wear, but they're not even noticeable unless the screen is off (and even then really only if you reflect light of the screen at certain angles). The unit has some cosmetic scuff marks on the upper right corner, but otherwise looks new.

The warranty covers things such as breaking the screen, so you don't need to be worried about these imperfections... in my opinion, they're not worth using the warranty for, but you'll have that option open to you.

I've got this stuff on Ebay (starting at $220), but I'm not sure if forum rules prohibit linking to it. So, please send me an email if you're interested.