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View Full Version : Multiple Questions - On IPAQ - 6515 New User ! Please help.

01-27-2006, 10:20 PM
How do i use the QWERTY keyboard on the PDA, I have IPAQ 6515. :(
I am a new user. :oops:

When i want to use the Numbers Do i have to keep the blue button pressed and type the numbers ? :evil:

Also how can i Stop the Keyboard on the screen popping up every time i need to write an email. ? :?:

Also I have Outlook 2003 on my Desktop, Will that work with outlook on my pda ? or i have go back to outlook 2002 ?

Can i get messages in my outlook rather then POP3 account. I have currently configured an POP3 to get email on my PDA for the same account as my desktop which downloads to my Outlook 2003...

more ?'s to come later

01-29-2006, 06:20 PM
I'm not sure I understand the first question, just start typing on it when you want to enter text.

You should be able to press the blue button, then the appropriate key to get numbers, don't have a 6515, so don't know if a double press will lock in numbers or not. On my i730 when in the phone app, the number keys "just work" without having to press the function key first. Perhaps the same is true on the iPaq?

This was a bug on the PDA2k also - Try soft resetting the device, then make sure you DON'T use the onscreen keyboard, it shouldn't pop up when needed. However, I find that if I just start using the hard keyboard after the on-screen one pops up, the on-screen kb closes itself anyway.

It will work find with OL2003. I think MS includes the older version since it doesn't need to be activated.

You can sync email from outlook to your PC if that is what you want to do. However, in that scenario you can't also download to that same outlook account via POP3 to your PPC. Unless you are using a remote exchange server (www.4smartphone.net??) in which case email will be remotely delivered to your device as well as your desktop.