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View Full Version : Another "Help picking out a Pocket PC Thread"

01-21-2006, 05:56 PM
Hi. I could really use some help picking out a Pocket PC solution. Here is the situation. I have a motorcycle that I take several trips a year on. Currently I carry a laptop with me but it is big and heavy and I do not use it enough to justify carrying it all over the country. So I believe a Pocket PC with an external keyboard could replace it. I need it to connect to a hotels wifi network so I can check my email and do light web-surfing and I need to use it to offload photos from my digital camera which uses an SD card. It looks as though the Palm Lifedrive does all of those things, but I would rather have a product that uses windows if possible. Thanks for any help you can give. Although I currently have an Audiovox smartphone, the whole PDA/Pocket PC thing is new to me.

01-21-2006, 06:18 PM
Since you already own a phone, I wont be recommending you a pocket pc phone. Therefore, I would recommend you Dell Axim X51V or HP hx2790(both use latest windows mobile 5). There are plethora of other PDAs which I can recommend you, I'm stopping myself(they all use windows mobile 2003 SE).

Dell Axim X51V has a VGA screen. As a result the text is much crisper. The HP hx2790 has in-built finger print scanner,which depends whether it is useful for you or not.

Both of the PDAs I've mention have built-in BT and Wi-Fi(which enables to connect to 'hotspots')


01-21-2006, 07:04 PM
The LifeDrive has a built in 4GB drive. I don't think there are any Windows Mobile devices that have a built in drive (yet). To "Offloading photos" to a Windows Mobile device right now, it is probably your best bet to get a device that has a Compact Flash slot in addition to the SD slot.
The Dell Axim x51v does have a compact flash slot, Windows Mobile 5 and a VGA screen. If necessary, you can get a 6gb microdrive to fit into a Compact Flash slot.

Instead (or in addition), you may want to consider getting a large (2GB) SD card (depending on camera compatibility) so you won't even need to "offload photos".