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View Full Version : Repeating reminders and meeting mute program for Pocket PC?

03-15-2005, 09:14 PM
I've used several different programs which offer repeating reminders on the Pocket PC. I'm presently running "apReminder+ v1.1a", which unfortunately doesn't offer an option to unmute for reminders. I know PocketPC Plus and BatteryPack Pro both do this, but I don't want to run a fat Today screen app just for this feature.

I'm also running "MeetingMute", an older program (PocketPC 2002 era) that automatically mutes the Pocket PC for meetings. This is very cool (I use this on my MS Smartphone all the time!), and has some nice features (only mute specific categories of appointments). However, it's a very kludgey program with no handling of the reminders (which I'd like to unmute).

Can someone recommend an application that combines these features in a single small footprint program?