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View Full Version : Problem with SlovoEd (Paragon Software)

02-26-2005, 05:09 PM
I recently purchased SlovoEd (Paragon Software) for Pocket PC (Version 3.04) with the English Lexical Database Full and the program worked when I installed it. For some unknown reason my IPAQ (1940) did a hard-reset and I had to reinstall the SlovoEd (and other programs) but now SlovoEd does not work?! The program starts and I can enter words, sometimes the list of words comes up (takes a long time) but when I a select a word nothing more that the colored “wheel” start to spin, I can also closed it from the menu but that is about as much I can do with it.
What to do? I have sent e-mails to their customers support but so far no reply.

Should clarify that SlovoEd did perfectly well worked before the hard-reset.


02-26-2005, 09:33 PM
I have used my Paragon English-Spanish on by now three different machines and never had problems.

I am grasping at straws:
You didn't move the files to a data card after installation?
I assume that you have tried to delete and reinstall again.

In Program Files I have two directories:

\Paragon English Spanish [Ult... with two files: 00B7 and 00B8
\SlovoEd with two files: header and SlovoEd


02-26-2005, 10:49 PM
I had the very same issue when reinstalling Slovoed after a hard reset on my device.

Slovoed will only works if installed on main memory.
On a SD card slovoed will install but will not works (waiting wheel issue)

You only have to install the dictionnary engine in main memory. The dictionnary database can go in SD card or in ROM.
Anyway, I'm glad I choose a e830 with 128 RAM :)

This issue concerns only the last Slovoed version, updated for win2003 SE and VGA devices.
The previous version worked fine on a SD card on my Toshiba, although all the icons were fuzzy as it was not optimized for VGA.

'Hope this will help...

03-06-2005, 01:32 AM
Thank you for the support.
By reinstalling the program in the main memory and the dictionary to the SD it works fine.

I did also, after quite some time, got the same advise from Customer Support Service of Paragon Software, thanks Elizaveta (even if I do not think you will see this :wink: ).