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View Full Version : VOIP by using Pocket Skype on the Toshiba e830 and the "echo" factor

01-24-2005, 05:51 AM
Just tried using Pocket Skype for the first time this weekend.For the first time trying anything like this, it was great, I contacted my brother who has Skype on Desktop. He was getting all sorts of echo at his end (his voice and mine). I managed to figure out that perhaps I should plug in some earphones .I grabbed some Ipod earphones, at that miraculously did the trick, because he was no longer hearing any echos, but when I spoke into the microphone, I could hear through the headphones, almost simultaneously my own voice within a split second of my saying anything. It was like having a parrot repeating every word. It was hard to carry on a conversation because I was almost talking over my own voice. Question.. Anybody with tips as to why this is happening?And, any recommendations to make this process more enjoyable? One tip I think seems to be to buy a earphone,microphone combined unit. Thanks for any input. Look forward to hearing from anyone with VOIP experience

01-24-2005, 11:01 AM
The reason is: Your brother was using a speaker, not an earphone and every word you said was fed back to his mike, which was transmitted back to you... Check the 'Echo cancellation' option in the option dialog of skype 4 pocket pc. Also having a headset at both side is a good idea that eliminates the echo problem totally. Some pocketpc's like Loox720 and other pockepc phone ed. devices have speakers that are physically well separated from the microphone, but unfortunately skype 4 PPC does not support specifically these (yet), so the only viable option is to plug in some earphones.

01-24-2005, 02:18 PM
Cool, I was thinking of trying Skype after I discovered the Gphone Buddy Service bundled with the e830 is now out of business (BTW it is kinda annoying they put this in ROM, now I can't get rid of it).

Will a headphone/mic combo work on the e830? I didn't think the jack on the e830 supported this. I believe the dell x50 has this feature.