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View Full Version : h2215 Backlight fix? h2215 replacement..

01-16-2005, 09:13 PM
Ever since i dropped my 2215 in a puddle(oops) the backlight has ceased to function. Is there a way i can replace the backlight(maybe the inverter?) myself? A site to order parts from?

Also, my grips fell off, and the battery latch broke, and the battery door broke (tell me about it), where can i find replacements for these things?

Is it worth buying a new pda, if so which would be a proper replacement for my 2215. I love my 2215 for the most part, and would like to continue with a pda that keeps its attractive and small footprint. I need SD, and would rather built in wifi(so i wouldnt need a cd slot). Bluetooth is an absolute must.