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View Full Version : ipaq H435x & Nokia 3650 BT dial-up problem

04-07-2004, 12:01 AM
I recently signed up for the t-mobile Internet plan and have had a great deal of trouble getting my ipaq 435x to log into the GPRS system via a Nokia 3650. After an hour or so on tech support with t-mobile, the only way I can connect via GPRS is to dial *99# and enter the following commands manually in the terminal window:

at (enter)

ate1 (enter)

AT+cgdcont=1"internet2.voicestream.com" (enter)

atd*99# (enter)

I am hoping that someone else in this community has had this problem too and found a work around. I have been trying to fiddle with the dial-up string in settings but have had no luck. Also, I suspect there must be some form of software work around out there that I am not aware of. Worst case scenario is that I exchange the Nokia 3650 for the Ericcson 610.

Any help is much appreciated.


:oops: Managed to solve this problem by changing the baud rate to 57600 or under. It is a shame the t-mobile tech support guy didn't figure this one out yesterday.