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View Full Version : iPAQ 5450 and Lil' Sync

08-27-2003, 12:20 PM

A few weeks ago I bought a Proporta 9v Battery recharger to recharge my iPAQ 5450, but when it arrived the supplied connector wouldn't plug into the iPAQs ActiveSync socket, it was the right model not one for the older ipaq it just wouldn't fit, I got around this using the original HP Power adaptor to plug into it and it works fine.

This week I got my Lil' Sync from PPCTechs and it has an identicle plug on it as the one for the Proporta... and it doesn't fit either! unfortunately this one is hard wired so I can't use my old HP one.

I can't work out why it won't fit, I can only guess that the connector in the iPAQ is bent. The only problem is that all my other devices fit fine, the Docking Station, Stowaway converter, HP Mini Keyboard all plug in no problem only this specific connector that Proporta and Lil' Sync use :(

So my questions is has anyone had this problem before? Was it the iPAQ or the connector?

I'm thinking about trying to sand the stop of the spare connector off in the hope that thinning the top down will allow it to fit.

Any help appreciated! :)