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View Full Version : Points to Viewsonic support - they done right by me !

Jimi D
08-21-2003, 10:47 PM
I received a .NET give-away V37 a few weeks ago, but after owning it a few days I finally got around to mapping some buttons for Media Player so I could shuffle through my MP3s on the bus, and I discovered that the "LEFT" direction on the D-Pad didn't work. I called tech support and they had me do a hard reset just to be sure, but when it was clear the switch was faulty they faxed me a couple forms to fill out and shipped a replacement V37 the same day. The new PPC arrived with a return shipping label and I packed up my faulty one, called FedEX, and shipped it back. Total turn-around was three days from discovering the problem through receiving the replacement to getting an email stating they'd recieved my broken one in return and all was well. Awesome service. I wish every company I dealt with treated me this well... Kudos Viewsonic.