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View Full Version : Extended Warranty... (succes story!)

08-17-2003, 04:48 PM
I bought a e115 850$cnd in June 2000 from futureshop and I also got the extended warranty (total 3 yrs) for 99$cnd (ok every $ is cnd!!!).

In february, I had problem with top of the screen being black but not all the time, then first time the "tech" guy at the Toronto office didn't saw the problem. Second time, he saw it! they send it to Casio and they changed the LCD! Cost them 350$ 8)

Then I started to have another problem, everytime sometime changed on the screen the back light was flashing... I've send it back, but the Toronto "tech" (Yarob again!) who check the pocketpc never saw the problem!

The girl at the store saw it everytime, the second time, someone from Toronto called me trying to make me beleive it was a normal behavior and said that all I wanted is to have the touchpad changed because there was some scratch on it! So they send the unit back to the store... it toke 2 weeks to get receive it!

By that time my extended warranty ended :( ! I explained to the girl at the store than I don't want the touchpad to be changed, I could do it for 45$ and was waiting for the extended warranty to end! The girl at the store call the HQ to get an authorization # to be sure they are going to fix it. They send it back (Yarob again sign the papers!) and they changed the TOUCHPAD this time! LOL

She recalled to explain the problem and told them that the LCD needed to be changed and we shipped it again. Four weeks lates she called me, I go to the store to check it, they didn't do anything... This time we send the unit with instructions on a big paper telling how to go to the Clock settings, that'S the best place to see the backlight flashing every second! :wink: Only one week later, the unit was back, not repaired (Yarob, signed all the workpapers!!!) this time she was able to test it with the instructions! So she talked to the manger and she manage to get me a new unit!!! 8O I didn't beleived it! I've only been 6 months without my e115!!! :?

When I got to the store she had a Toshiba e310 ready for me! I told her that I needed a device with a CF! She talk to the manager and he told that's with every device like this, camera or MP3 player, it is not their problem the memory format! Then I told them that I didn't use the CF only for memory and I showed her a 200$ CF-Modem, a 200$ 10bt NIC CF and my 219$ Linksys WCF11 Wifi card!!!
I told them that I've never saw a SD modem neither a CD-10bt NIC... So they had the Toshiba e740 in store and the iPAQ 2210, I don't like the screen of the toshiba, and they wanted to give it to me because it was an open-box, but even then the 2210 was cheaper so I got the 2210... :-) it's really small compared to my e115... and god USB is fast when installing stuff compared to serial!!! :D
Now, I only have to wait for LinkSys to write a driver for PPC2003, anyone have more infos on that..... :?:

Does anyone think I should get an extended warranty with my new 2210... since I've got it for free (99$cnd +6 months of wait in fact!) would it be a good deal to protect it or is it pushing my luck too far... :?: