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View Full Version : m-audioFastTrackUSB/with what software

04-24-2006, 06:24 AM
Thank you all for being here.

The m-audio FastTrack USB will fit well with what I want to record.But m-audio says nothing about use with the Adobe Audition 1.5 . I intend to record nothing but one acoustic electric guitar,plugging it into the FastTrack along with a small tieclip condencer mic coming from the sound hole.

My thinking is,it should not take much to capture and edit audio from just one instrument.Can anyone tell me if not using Adobe Adition,is there a low cost way to getting a CD Quality sound with reverb using the m-audio Fast Track?Or will it work at all with Adobe Audition 1.5?

Good High Tech To Everyone.

05-14-2006, 04:01 AM
Ok.I now have the M-AudioFastTrack USB and I found that it works very well with the Adobe Audition 1.5.The sound is CD Quality.However the sound is much too low if you plug directly into the M-Audio.So I come out of an old Tascam porta 02 cassette ministudio.The files play back with full blasting power,clear with no hiss.
There is a small down side to the m-audioFastTrack.It seems to knock out anything on your computer that makes an audio sound,or the other way around.I handle this by uninstalling the FastTrack and reinstalling it.Then it works like new again.I also found that it is better to keep the FastTrack uninstalled and off of your computer unless you are using it.
The software for effects that comes with it are a joke,more like something a child would play with.
If anyone wants to record CD quality sound with only one or two instruments this M-Audio Product with Adobe Audition 1.5 will not let you down.