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View Full Version : iRiver N10 Clone Already

Suhit Gupta
08-11-2004, 01:00 AM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://akiba.sorobangeeks.com/' target='_blank'>http://akiba.sorobangeeks.com/</a><br /><br /></div><i>"It seems that a Korean company is putting this iRIVER N-10 clone on the market, the MPIO FL300. Despite its striking similarities, it's not as beautiful as the original."</i><br /><br /><img src="http://www.digitalmediathoughts.com/images/irivern10clone.jpg" /><br /><br />Wow, barely was the N10 'annouced' than there is a competitor. The MPIO FL300 looks very similar to the N10. We will have to see how this competition plays out. No specs available for the FL300 as far as I can tell. More information and screenshots <a href="http://www.mpio.co.kr/story/story_b.htm">available here</a> so if we have any Korean readers, please feel free to translate.

08-11-2004, 09:49 PM
Omg! This company is still around?

I really dont like them. I did buy an mp3 player from them, which is simply excelent, called FL100. However, if you are expecting support, forget it, its non existent.

I had a hardware problem within my warranty period. My headphone jack came loose (which might say something of the quality). I emailed them. I called them. Emailed them again. Called them a few more times. But nope, its like nobody ever read my emails and their telephones are locked in the closet.

I ended up voiding my warranty (since it was so useful) and opening up the player and soldering the jack in place myself.

It is very strange though, because firmware upgrades are there. Its not like nobody is working on it.

Suhit Gupta
08-12-2004, 06:25 AM
To continue in this line of posting, iAudio U2 is apparently going to also be available by the end of this month. For people that have forgotten what it looks like, there is a nice screenshot here - http://akiba.sorobangeeks.com/news_8531.html

It is not really a pendant style audio player but still, worth looking at.