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View Full Version : Dealing with multiple PIMs

11-09-2007, 08:21 PM
Hi all,

This post is not very specific to a WM device as much as it is a question on dealing with PIMs.

I am planning on getting a Samsung i760. I currently have an i730.

Here is my situation:
Being in sales I have many contacts. I want to start using ACT again to keep track of my customer info including notes. I currently have all my contacts in Outlook (including personal contacts). I use categories to keep them discrete.

I essentially want to use ACT on a regular basis for work. I want all my info to make it into my i760 with ease (like Active Sync).

Also, I want to continue to use Outlook since this is my personal email tool and I want to get personal emails on my i760 once I get the phone and the data plan.

I am not sure what I need to do this? I found a program on the web called Double Notes - it looks good. It claim to be able to sync between various PIMs such as ACT, Lotus Notes and Outlook.

I think the biggest challenge that I face is getting chages to regularaly make it into my i760.

Any input would be extremely appreciated.

Pete R.
New York

Mike Temporale
11-10-2007, 02:01 PM
I don't know of anything that helps out in that respect. It's always been one fo the sore spots.

If you put something in a sub-folder of Contacts it won't sync to the phone, but that doesn't really help, does it?