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View Full Version : T-mobile Dash---phone number ID linked to email address---how to unlink?

10-16-2007, 03:10 AM
Hello! Has someone ever had the following issue:

Currently, my cell phone number has been associated as an ID for one my email accounts.

What I see in my text message:

(sender) 701
F: "email of acct sender"
S: "subject of email"

Sent to "me" <my email address> ID:2125551212:1

I'm using Win Mob6. Email hosted on exchange 2003 server, the account on smartphone is set up as IMAP4.

What happens: every time I send or receive an email from this account (whether it be by phone or via laptop), I receive a text message from '701' informing me that I have sent/received a message. Along with being an annoyance, it's becoming quite expensive to receive these messages (I'm receiving upwards of 50 junk text messages a day).

How I think it may have occurred:
One of my email accounts is hosted on an Exchange 2003 SBS. I'd been having trouble syncing this email via IMAP4 (my Outlook account on the smartphone is associated with a separate email, so that option was out)---and the IT individual did some tweaking with my phone to get the mail to sync. After some trial and error and some server tweaking (I believe), my email address somehow got an ID attached associated with my cell phone number. All was well and good for a while (using WinMob5), until I upgraded to 6.

Once I did the upgrade to 6, and reconfigured this email acct via IMAP4 (allowing the server to fill in the settings), the odd text message phenom began.

This really seems to look like it's a setting that needs to be changed on the mail server since this issue occurs while using a laptop.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Any help will be greatly appreciated! :)

Mike Temporale
10-16-2007, 01:52 PM
Sounds like you still have the old Sync method setup. Before Microsoft released Direct Push they used a system called Pull. Where the server would send your device a specially coded SMS message that would tell the device to wake up, connect to the Exchange and sync for new mail. In Exchange 2003 SP2 and later, that system was replaced with Direct Push. It sounds like your Exchange server is still trying to tell your device to sync back to the server.

10-16-2007, 06:26 PM
Thanks! I will be sure to forward this info to the server admin. :cool: