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View Full Version : Dumbphone not so dumb...

09-24-2007, 09:33 PM
Over that past few years most of the phones I've purchased have been WM Standard or Professional units with a Blackberry and a couple of Symbian phones thrown in the mix.

The other day I picked up a SonyEricsson w580i slider from AT&T. It's certainly not a WM phone, and I fully thought I would play with a few days and return it. Since I have had it, I've set up some pretty interesting things. I did not realize it, but the phone has a "push" option that can be turned on. My email is IMAP compliant and withing minutes the phone was pushing mails to the phone as soon as they hit the server. I also downloaded a copy of IM+ java and it is also running in the background in "always on" mode. I also have a pretty cool bible on the phone. All this with Opera and Opera 4, FM radio and built in Walkman, this has become a pretty cool "smart" dumbphone.

I know this doesn't compare to a WM phone, but it just amazes me how far regular phones have progressed! :)

Mike Temporale
09-25-2007, 01:05 PM
That's pretty cool. I recall my last SE device, and it was no where near that functional. SE has licensed Microsoft's Direct Push technology, so you can expect to see Exchange email on SE devices as well.