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View Full Version : RAM / Memory question - HTC 620 ?

09-03-2007, 05:22 AM
I have just upgraded my HTC 620 to WM6.

All is good but running low on RAM / Memory / Storage and I am a little confused about which is which.

Nothing running in Task Manager...All of the other applications installed on storeage card....
After a restart it shows <O:p</O:p
Available Storage - 28.96 mb<O:p</O:p
Total Storage - 58.11 mb<O:p</O:p
Available Memory - 14.16 mb
<O:p</O:pTotal Memory - 43.56 mb<O:p</O:p
The System information for the device says<O:p</O:p
RAM 64mb
<O:p</O:pFLASH 128 mb<O:p</O:p
Any suggestions to easily find our what is taking up the memory and space.

Thanks in advance....<O:p</O:p

Mike Temporale
09-04-2007, 02:41 PM
Not sure what's using up the memory. It could just be the larger footprint of WinMo6. Although, I was under the impression that it was no bigger than 5. Maybe it's the Yahoo Go, or .NetCF2 ??

You might also want to try a 3rd party task manager that shows you everything that's running. There could be something hidden that's using up resources.

What were the numbers before the upgrade?