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View Full Version : Reader feedback welcome: Multimedia Streaming Bible, VPN Bible, map image downloader

08-11-2007, 02:56 PM
I'm currently working on two new Bibles concurrently & Iíve written a map downloader. Iíd certainly welcome any reader feedback BEFORE publishing the first version(s) of these Bibles - what you would like to read, what apps / services I shouldn't forget to elaborate on etc. I also seek info on whether there is any need for an enhanced version of the map downloader introduced in the last section.

The two Bibles are as follows:
a full roundup & tutorial on all kinds of multimedia streaming, including
listening to Internet radio stations & watching TV shows - the basics
accessing non-streamed network resources - file system-based, pre-created files over both local networks and the Internet
ORB, CorePlayer, TCPMP, PacketVideoís PVPlayer etc. - all streaming-capable Windows Mobile clients
specific radio / TV listing apps like Resco Radio, Mundu Radio etc.
streaming (and/or transcoding) from a desktop computer using SHOUTcast servers, WME etc.
Problems with limited connections and RTSP (RealOne, HTC's Streaming Media etc.)
RTSP -> HTTP converter proxies
using a VPN connection to play back otherwise (using the given restricted connections) unplayable RTSP (non-HTTP)-based streams
A VPN Bible:
when may you need a VPN, even if you donít need remote access to any other private network Ė for example, if and when you want to listen to /watch RealOne or 3GP (for example, Mobile YouTube or YLE Mobile) streams only streamed via RTSP (because of the clientís inability to switch to HTTP streaming)
configuring VPN servers under WinTel (and, probably, Linux) operating systems
how you can access already-existing VPNís from Windows Mobile (not just the ones you configure yourself, but any of them)
a review & comparison of VPN-related literature (books), should you want to know more of this technology

Finally, upon a reader request (many people know Iím especially well versed in Internet protocols, including HTTP Ė the protocol behind the Web), Iíve thoroughly analyzed the HTTP communication used by http://map.meta.ua/, a well-known mapping service in Ukraine. My reader asked me to let for saving the individual maps in a file so that they can be browsed even without an active Internet connection and/or on a Pocket PC (where the original interface may prove pretty hard to use).

Needless to say, I've managed to write an early demo (it doesnít support all functionalities of the original Flash client) of an app that does this. You can find the Java source of the app HERE (http://www.winmobiletech.com/sekalaiset/uamap/MapDownloader.java). Itís just a demo showing itís possible - it puts 20 images of Kiev (but you can easily modify it to save the fully zoomed-in map of any other city), continuously scrolling to the left, in ResponseX.png files (I've, in case you donít want to fiddle with Java sources, the images HERE (http://www.winmobiletech.com/sekalaiset/uamap/exampleoutput.rar)).

My question is as follows: does anyone need anything similar to download the maps of other online map sources? As, to tell the truth, I canít follow the (desktop-based) advances in this area, Iím not sure whether itís worth enhancing this app. As most Flash / ActiveX-based solutions seems to use pretty much the same protocol, I can enhance and further develop this application to download any map (of any town, not just in Ukraine) into PNG files for offline browsing or importing for GPS applications. Feel free to tell me if you need such functionality and whether there are other, better, downloadable maps that would result in my enhancing the application absolutely unnecessary.