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View Full Version : Fried my cingular 2125 like eggs over easy

04-19-2007, 05:09 PM
Hey guys-

My apologizes if i'm posting in the wrong forum...please feel free to move me if appropriate. It seems last night i fried my cingular 2125, but before i give it a proper burial, i thought i would post and see if there is any hope for it at all. Let me tell you what happened:

My joystick was giving me problems again. For some reason it starts acting like its 'stuck' which i read is a common problem. So my idiotic way of resolving this matter was to proceed to spray 'endust' directly on my phone. As you can probably guess that was not the best idea in the world. My phone began to 'freak' out. My husband tried to open it up (he couldnt get it all the way open) and clean it out with contact cleaner and an airgun, and it seemed to be working pretty good. But then this morning it began freaking out again. Let me elaborate on 'freaking'. when i push certain buttons ie the '3' pad, it comes up with 7 instead. when i push the 'start' pad it flicks to my menu and then back to the home screen. When i try texting if i hit 'P', it types PT. Just all wacky like that. Is the behavior of a phone that has been fried crispy? or is it just sticking? would a complete re-boot do anything at all?

Also, if there is no hope whats so ever, can you good folks recommend another smartphone to me? I actually wouldnt mind getting the mac phone in June, but that might be a little high end for me. What i require is a camera, synch to outlook, email, text messages, and storage cababilities.

anyone? anyone?

Mike Temporale
04-20-2007, 05:58 PM
I would start with a hard reset. See if that clears up the problem. If eveyrthing is good, then start to reinstall applications slowly and watch to see if the problem comes back.