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View Full Version : Blackjack- internet explorer mobile questions

01-07-2007, 08:25 PM
Got the blackjack with windows mobile 5:

1 when i use internet explorer to get onto foreign websites ( ie: asian) I cannot read them..I assume it is becasue I do not have the language pack as in PC based windows> Where can I get foreign language packs so that my IE can then recognize the foreign language Such as tradional chinese sites.

2 When i check out a site ie: Yahoo, etc. it always auto redirects me to their mobile version. This is very annoying, as many of these mobiel sites do not have the full version as their regualr site has and I need to see contnets of my different accounts.... How do I configure or what do i need to get so that I can see web site in their normal config..not mobile version? Do i need to get a 3rd party software? What software works wtih blackjack?