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View Full Version : Cingular 2125 "Answer" button actually ignores calls!

12-16-2006, 08:49 PM
I'm having the weirdest problem with my 2125. When I am receiving a phone call, half the time when I hit the "Answer" soft button, it actually functions as the "Ignore" button. When I hit it, it just goes back to the Today screen and shows Missed Calls: 1. This has happened ever since I got the phone (6 months ago), and happens maybe for HALF of my incoming calls. The "Ignore" button always ignores like it should. When the Answer button does ignore a call, I just call the person right back. My friends and family all know that when they call me, to not be surprised if they get ignored, and then get called right back. It's SOOOO annoying! And on top of that, I get dropped calls left and right, even though I have 4 bars at all times.

I talked to Cingular support, and after being transferred about 5 times over an hour, finally found a guy that specialized in what they called "high-tech" phones. He shipped me a replacement phone......SAME problem! So I sent that back, and after another hour on tech support, they sent me the third phone.......same problem.

Have any of you guys heard of this problem before? Hopefully I can use this problem to sneak out of the contract early and switch back to Verizon! I've logged all of my time spent on the phone with tech support so I have ammo for how they aren't holding to their end of the contract.

Jerry Raia
12-20-2006, 05:01 AM
Very strange but not a surprise. The 2125 has had problems with the joystick as well. Mine did. I'm wondering now if a whole batch of keypads got messed up. I really liked that phone. It's frustrating to see it having these various problems. At the pace of new devices, the manufacturers don't seem to interested in fixing a phone that's over a year old!

12-29-2006, 09:58 PM
I was just on the phone with the "Data device team", and they said a faulty SIM card could be causing the "answer" button to ignore calls. This seems unlikely to me, but I'm going to go to my local service center to try another SIM card as they recommended. They said if that doesn't work, I may be able to swap for a different make and model, which would be an upgrade to perhaps the 3125 at no charge. I won't even feel bad taking them up on this after the hours I've spent on the phone with them. Or maybe I switch back to Verizon since I'm not satisfied with my service.