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View Full Version : Facade 1.20 has been released - SBSH has been busy!

11-08-2006, 07:09 PM
It now supports meters!

Plus a whole lot more:
The details: what's new in version 1.20
* Professionally redesigned graphics for all resolutions
* Higher resolution images for QVGA devices
* New meter support for battery/memory information
* Added custom tab background images
* Added custom launcher edge images
* Support sharing of launcher settings between layout files
* New "Snapback" feature to return to first button or row after inactivity
* Support multi-line appointment display
* Expand current appointment to show full text
* Added option to hide private appointments/tasks
* Added option to hide all day appointments
* New "Note" indicator when appointment/task notes are present
* Added option to view notes when present
* New option to delete appointments/tasks
* New option to view appointment/task details under standard calendar (WM5 only)
* New "Contacts" and "Links" tab icons
* Support "_large" versions of icons for the launcher bar
* Adjust named font sizes for QVGA devices
* Correct FileManager not found on Motorola Q devices
* Added workaround logic for "missing program image" (Windows Mobile 5 bug)
* Strip spaces from registration information to assist Motorola Q users
* Fix problem with formatting of tabs and buttons on same line
* Fix MaxDays showing multiday appointments one day past time limit
* Fix missing last day of multi-day appointments (non-all-day)
* When indenting text rows, indent leading icon too
* Support halign/valign settings
* New formatting options for all day appointments
* New "wrap" setting for appointment/task view (WrapLines)
* Improve navigation when using ShowEmptyDays setting
* Changes for compatibility with Papyrus 1.3 / Pocket Informant for Smartphone
* Apply "Show 'No Appointments' text" setting to tasks as well
* Added prompt and logic to remove settings and files during uninstall process
* Add Show="none" option for background-only tabs
* Install appropriate skin automatically based on screen resolution
* Minor 'migration' changes to existing home screen during install
* New standalone reset/reload/powerOff functions (via FacadeHelper)
* New Swedish translation
* Translation updates for this version: Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Swedish
* Remember language for future installs
* Changes to improve reliability of upgrade process
* Prevent Start menu failure after reload under WM5

* Settings: Split General menu into General/Layout
* Settings: Add setting for background image
* Settings: Add setting for Facade "skin"
* Settings: Support manual entry of custom numeric values
* Settings: Fix text indent setting so it can be defined globally
* Settings: Fix "Minutes after appointment" = "day" setting
* Settings: Don't list invalid home screen xml files as choices
* Settings: Allow returning to other pages from "Home Screen" page
* Settings: Add disabled task/schedule-only lines to default layout
* Settings: Reset background/colors from control panel when choosing a new layout
* Settings: Menu options to move/insert/delete button settings
* Settings: Option to enable shared launcher buttons
* Settings: Renamed "Options" softkey to "Menu"
* Settings: Adjustments to QVGA/landscape control sizing

Mike Temporale
11-09-2006, 04:16 AM
that looks pretty nice! We'll have to get this posted up to the front page. 8)

11-18-2006, 04:35 PM
that looks pretty nice! We'll have to get this posted up to the front page. 8)

Has anyone found any new themes for the new Facade Version? The default one has a graphic (wallpaper) with little symbols that line up for new emails, text messages, etc.

Haven't been able to find any others on their website....