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View Full Version : Help! WMP10 randomly rearranges tracks

10-15-2006, 06:07 PM
I hope someone might have a solution...

After using WMP on my XP Pro notebook to transfer music & audio books to my Cingular 3125 running WM5, WMP10 on my phone looks and plays fine & in the order transferred.

Though I haven't determined why, it will place tracks I have partially listened to into a new Album folder WMP10 creates called "Unknown". If you are trying to listen to a 5-part book & it skips from part 3 to 5 it is a pain in the... (It also randomly does this with music tracks).

I have not found a way to place the songs or book tracks back into their respective album folders making it impossible to listen to an entire music album or book without switching albums to the "Unknown" album for the missing track and then back again.

When I have my phone synched w/my computer & look at the storage card using notebooks WMP, all the tracks show properly in order & the folder "Unknown" doesn't appear. Tracks on WMP10 on phone are still messed up.

This is my second Cingular WM5.0 device to do this (Cingular 2125 before).

Suggestions?? The 3125 incorporates A2DP which I am using with bluetooth stereo headphones & WMP10 has controls on the front of the phone. I don't want to loose the ability to use the phone or headphone buttons functionality.