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View Full Version : Filao Releases Advanced Brain Trainer Software

Mike Temporale
10-12-2006, 02:00 PM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://software.smartphonethoughts.com/product.asp?id=8451' target='_blank'>http://software.smartphonethoughts.com/product.asp?id=8451</a><br /><br /></div><i>"Advanced Brain Trainer, stimulate all aspects of your mind in a fun and rewarding form of entertainment. Various and fast-paced mental activities train different aspects of your brain: memory, focus, reaction time, logic etc? Choose your coach who will analyze your results, motivate and guide you through your mind's enhancement."</i><br /><br /><img src="http://www.smartphonethoughts.com/images/Temporale-20061012-BrainTrainer.gif" alt="User submitted image" title="User submitted image"/> <br /><br />Here's an interesting new game. At least I think you would call it a game. It's loaded with mind-numbing puzzles to help get that grey matter upstairs to work harder! It has 9 different exercises and 3 different skill levels, so there should be something for everyone in here. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a trial version available. :( You can purchase the full version for $14.95 from our <a href="http://software.smartphonethoughts.com/product.asp?id=8451">affiliate store.</a>

10-13-2006, 12:55 AM
Looks interesting. Anything to make me smarter looks interesting, though. ;)