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View Full Version : problem in voice recording

04-24-2006, 08:05 AM
i'm developing smartdevice application (using VS2003 c#.net) which

runs on microsoft smartphone 2003 platform.
what my application is it will record the voice for this i'm using
functions of coredll.dll., and the recorded voice is saved into a

file with the extension .wav
i took the code for recording voice form this site



and before starting and end of the voice recording it has to

produce beep sound .

for the beep sound to be produced i'm using function

"WCE_PlaySound" of coredll.dll, for this function i'm passing the

name of file(.wav) which produces beep sound.

so first i called the function WCE_PlaySound to produce the beep

sound then i called the method to record the voice and again called

the function WCE_PlaySound to produce the beep sound to indicate

end of recording.

when i tested the application which is not used any function call

to produce the beep sound then , the application worked fine that i

can here the voice i recorded, but when i included the code to call

the function to produce beep sound then it is not recording any

voice, but if i remove that code it is recording the voice and i

can here.
why my application is behaving like this can any one tell me how to

solve this problem.

its very urgent for me.

thanx in advance