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View Full Version : Interesting Discoveries on the HTC Star Trek From PocketInfo's Review

Mike Temporale
03-16-2006, 06:30 PM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_pagecontent?lp=nl_en&trurl=http://www.pocketinfo.nl/artikel/5499' target='_blank'>http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_pagecontent?lp=nl_en&trurl=http://www.pocketinfo.nl/artikel/5499</a><br /><br /></div><img src="http://www.smartphonethoughts.com/images/Temporale-20060316-StarTrek.jpg" alt="User submitted image" title="User submitted image"/> <br /><br />PocketInfo.nl has posted a review of the new Star Trek. This review highlights a couple key things about this hot new device. The first is the 64MB ROM. It sounds like there will be another release of this phone later this year with a 128MB that was mentioned at the devices announcement. The Star Trek is also missing the standard miniUSB that we have come to expect on HTC phones. Instead, it has a smaller, flatter connector. On the plus side, they claim this device is super fast! One of the fastest Smartphones they have worked with. <br /><br />Now I'm a little torn. This phone is pretty hot, and I was really interested in getting one. However, I don't want a small 64MB ROM when I could wait a little longer and get twice that. Not to mention the lack of mini-USB connector. I've got a nice supply of mini-USB power cords spread around the house and office. :?

Jerry Raia
03-16-2006, 06:32 PM
Are we sure this isn't a Moto creation? It's sure starting to look like one. Colors and non standard connectors are not good signs. :?

Jason Dunn
03-16-2006, 07:02 PM
What? No Mini USB? Aughhh...!!!

I'd be willing to accept something new if perhaps it worked better, charged faster, etc. But if this is just another attempt at creating a new standard, that really sucks.

03-16-2006, 07:34 PM
It's hard to tell from a 2D picture - (come on Jason get that holographic engine running).

Perhaps this is thinner? The design stresses the unit's size. But I cant see a miniUSB being all that thick :?

I'll live with yet another cable - but I'm still concerned over the miniscule battery.