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View Full Version : FS/FT Lots of stuff! HP 2215, Ipod Nano (4gb) and a bunch of accessories!

03-10-2006, 04:14 AM
Hey everybody! Ok, I have a lot of stuff that I want to sell off. I have listed everything below as well as the condition each product is in. I will consider any trade offers and accept payment only via paypal. Also, if you want to buy a bunch of things together, I'm sure we can work out some sort of discounted deal.

All prices are relative...just make me an offer!

HP Ipaq 2215 w/ Pocket PC Tech's alumnium molded replacement grips

with the cradle and charger)

It is a few years old, but still in great condition. It has had a screen protector on it since day 1, so there are no scratches on the screen whatsoever. There are a few scuff marks on the side of the unit and around the joypad, but nothing else. However, the SD slot on this device is a little moody (it is a common problem with this model Ipaq) and sometimes does not detect the SD card before numerous tries. Given this, I understand a depreciation from its value...make me an offer.

Ipod Nano 4gb Black version

This nano is in pretty good condition. There are some scuff marks on the front, but I will include a free neoprene case that protects the unit from any further damage (especially a drop). If you would like a picture of it I can provide one upon request.

Cases for HP Ipaq 2215

Metal Rhinoskin case (some scratches on the outside, good condition)

Sena leather case red/black with magnetic closure. This is the only case in which the Ipaq can still fit in the cradle. It's a great case, also it great condition.

Other accessories

2 Sandisk 256mb CF cards. Speedy, they work. Simple.

1.3 MP FlyCam CF Camera. You can use this camera in almost any PDA with a CF slot and take high quality pictures!

128 mb SD card

Sandisk WiFI SD card (not the memory combo...just the wifi sd). This is a pretty neat card, it works well and has good range.

Ambicom 56k CF Modem

ThinkOutside Universal IR Keyboard. I love this keyboard! It works with essentially any PDA and to be honest, if I dont end up selling my Ipaq, I might just keep this keyboard for myself.

Compaq fold out Ipaq keyboard (the official one Compaq sold). This is also a great serial port type keyboard. You pull out both sides of the folded unit and the middl esection pops out. Almost full size keys and very easy to type on.

Motorola HS 850 Bluetooth headset. This headset is brand new and it works great! I highly reccomend it for anybody who wants a bluetooth headset for their phone.

Please reply here, PM me, or email me at jet8810@gmail.com to make an offer. I am open to pretty much anything (very interested in trades for phones) , so feel free to light it up and shoot some offers my way!