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View Full Version : Garmin has announced a BT GPS solution for Smartphones

03-09-2006, 02:47 AM
Was checking out the Garmin site tonight and saw this:
Click here for info: Smartphones Become Smarter With Garmin’s® GPS Navigation and Bluetooth’s® Wireless Hands-Free Calling (http://www.garmin.com/products/garminmobile20/)

Click Here for Press Release (http://www.garmin.com/pressroom/mobile/030806a.html)

Just thought it was pretty cool. More manufacturers are targeting Smartphone users :)
Looks like a cradle for your phone, has a speaker, BT and GPS built into cradle, making it a handsfree kit as well. I couldn't find a price, but it will probably be "up there" as is most of the Garmin stuff. Expected release date is July 2006. (Garmin tends to slip those a lot too).

(Mods, this is not meant to be a commercial post, as I have nothing to do with Garmin, just thought it was interesting and appropriate for all Smartphones, so I didn't want to bury it in a specific brand of phone forum)