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View Full Version : iMATE-KJAM & iMATE-JAMin

02-28-2006, 04:05 PM
Please forgive me for double-posting this here & Pocket PC Thoughts -- I'm not sure which board is appropriate.

I am one of those (very few) people who use a Pocket PC all day long and a cell phone rarely more than twice a day. So, I keep looking for a device that is a Pocket PC first, and a phone second.

I currently use an iPAQ 2755 and a RAZR.

I am attracted to the iMATE KJAMin. I don't use a keyboard even when it's available. I tried a Siemens SX-66 -- too big and klunky. I tried a Samsung i-730 -- screen too small.

Someone, somewhere must make a device the size of the 2755 that can also make & receive phone calls.

Does anyone out there do a lot of reading on a K-JAM? I probably spend an hour or so every day reading text on my 2755. So, readability is very important.

Responses welcome.


Mike Temporale
02-28-2006, 04:16 PM
No problems on cross-posting this between the two sites. Most people here have Smartphones and not Pocket PCs. So, I'm guessing you'll have more responses from PPCT than us. I don't really have much advice to offer, as I haven't touched my Pocket PC in ages. Although, I hear lots of good things about the kJam.