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View Full Version : FS: i-mate SP3i + extras ***SOLD***

01-04-2006, 04:08 PM
For sale: 1 year old i-mate SP3i smartphone. This is the North American version that includes 850mhz and has WMP 10. Phone is fully unlocked and has been used on T-Mobile and Cingular. Includes all original items, charger, manuals, CD, etc. The phone is in very good shape, has had a screen protector on it since day 1. There is a small amount of dust on the right side of the screen. This dust showed up about 2 months after I got the phone and it has not gotten any worse. The dust is only visible when the screen is off, so it does not affect usage at all. Also included is a 512mb Mini-SD card with SD adapter and a black leather Vaja belt carrying case. $150 shipped to the U.S. Anyone else PM me and we can discuss shipping costs.