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View Full Version : SmartPhone users invited to test second-generation Optimizing Virtual Browser

08-25-2005, 06:03 AM
We will soon be launching an updated mobile service and are looking for feedback from SmartPhone users.

The service is free and provides several new browsing features, including:

• Customized website reformatting and compression levels
• Detection of “Main Content” (where possible)
• Compression of both content and images (for up to 80% savings)
• Lots of advanced settings
• If you register (free), your Virtual Browser state including remote cookies can be saved and resumed between visits.
... And more.

If you would like to help test, simply point your SmartPhone to http://mobileleap.net/v2 and you’ll be directed to the demo site (there's no software to install -- it's all virtual). You can use the feedback links to let us know your thoughts and/or email v2demo [at) mobileleap dot net for more information.

MobileLeap Preview Team