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View Full Version : IntelliGolf Eagle edition / Smartphone 7.63

07-05-2005, 10:35 PM
IntelliGolf Eagle edition / Smartphone 7.63 by Simbsoft

IntelliGolf Eagle edition / Smartphone 7.63: Discount 30% off! Only 34.95$! (http://www.pdatopsoft.com/software/item.php?pid=5131)

Awarded "Best Product of the Year" IntelliGolf® just got better. The IntelliGolf Eagle edition includes support for GPS, Bluetooth, and all 7 S's of Golf. View distances and track shots from tee-to-green with GPS accuracy. Automate golf scoring and wagering. Evaluate performance statistics and graphs for an unlimited number of rounds, players and courses. Approximate your handicap. Keep caddie-style notes. Handheld, Windows PC, and Sync-compatible software are all included. IntelliGolf: Golf's #1 Scoring and GPS Software&#153 in 125+ countries worldwide!

http://www.pdatopsoft.com/images/screenshots/img110496873497758700.gif (http://www.pdatopsoft.com/software/item.php?pid=5131)

IntelliGolf is the only golf software to include all 7 S's of golf:

*Shot tracking;
*Satellite GPS;
*Sidegame wagers (30+);
*Statistics and graphs (250+);
*Signature courses (20,000+), and
*Sharing of information between handhelds.

Handheld Software

Use the IntelliGolf handheld software to automate golf scoring for up to five players (i.e. fivesome) on the course. View distances and track shots from tee-to-green using industry-leading GPS receivers. Club selection has never been easier. Evaluate game-improving statistics and graphs. Keep course, round, and hole notes just like the Pro
s. IntelliGolf will even add up your group's wagers using any of the thirty (30) included sidegames (e.g. skins, birdies, stablefords, etc).

The IntelliGolf handheld software includes:
Golf scoring for five;
Thirty wagering games;
Shot tracking for all clubs;
Posting and honors display;
Wireless, beaming and color;
Course, hole and round notes;
Traditional and shotgun starts;
Embedded IntelliGPS! technology;
Performance statistics and graphs;
Drive, approach, chip and putt tracking;
Unlimited custom wagering options, and
ScorecardView&#153 display system.

Desktop Software
As an IntelliGolf Eagle edition customer you will also receive our powerful Windows-based PC software. It will track cumulative round statistics, print scorecards and export round results in HTML format for posting to the web. IntelliGolf even includes trend graphics. In full color, view trend lines showing how your total score relates to putting, driving, and to greens hit in regulation. Now you can quickly spot areas of improvement and areas for improvement.

The IntelliGolf desktop software includes:
Trend graphics;
Dream round scoring;
Historical round tracking;
Putt analyzer and graphs;
IntelliCap handicap calculator;
Access to thousands of signature courses;
Scorecard printing plus web-based display;
HTML and XML export file capabilities, and
Game-improving statistics in 250 categories.

Join golfers in 100+ countries worldwide that are using IntelliGolf to improve their game and increase their winnings. Golf's #1 Scoring and GPS Software!

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