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View Full Version : Mobile TimeSync 2.1.0

06-29-2005, 05:06 PM
New from Slipstream Solutions... Mobile TimeSync 2.1.0!

http://www.slipstreamsolutions.co.uk/images/TimeSync2_PPC1.gif http://www.slipstreamsolutions.co.uk/images/TimeSync2_SP1.gif (http://www.SlipstreamSolutions.co.uk/products/mTimeSync.htm)

The best in Windows Mobile time-synchronization just got better!

New features in Mobile TimeSync 2.0 include:
Multiple time servers for even greater resilience and reliability (four international time servers are installed by default).
Option to move time servers down in order of priority on failed synchronization.
Improved graphical layout.
Optional audio notification of a failed or successful time synchronization.
Option to synchronize time while device is sleeping.
Includes built-in HTML help (Pocket PC only).

Read more... (http://www.slipstreamsolutions.co.uk/products/mTimeSync.htm)