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View Full Version : Tweaks2K2 .NET for SmartPhone released

05-16-2005, 07:11 PM
Tweaks2K2 .NET for SmartPhone released

Version includes 3 more hacks for a total of 21 registry hacks.

Here is a breve description of the new options included in this version:

-Activate OBEX (Objet Exchange protocol): This option allows to receive and send files via BlueTooth or IR.

-Turn Off Camera Sound: This option allows to turn off the shutter sound in some phones like the MPx220 where you can't do that in the system configuration.

-Change the Service Provider Name: This option allows users to change the name of the Service Provider. To do that users have to select the Provider's name from the Combo box and then select the new name. This option might not work in your phone. The Providers list is going to be updated systematically in future versions.


More information about the program and available discounts can be found at