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View Full Version : Incredible Arkanoid remake for PocketPC

05-15-2005, 07:04 AM
Hi guys,

We launched a new game Active Ball 1.3!

Does your PocketPC need some fun? Get Active Ball for best arkanoid experience!

Game Info Page : http://www.activekitten.com/en/games/detail.php?ID=350
Direct Download Link : http://www.activekitten.com/pbc_download/activeballsp.exe
Screenshot URL : http://www.activekitten.com/en/activeball/spv/activeball_spv_2.jpg

Contact E-mail: submit-feedback@activekitten.com

Full Description:

New things are cool, but classics are better. And no game gets closer to that status as Arkanoid, which was based on Ping - the first computer game ever created.

Is it any wonder that Active Ball, an Arkanoid remake for smartphones, is one of the most popular game for handhelds on the Internet (962,000 links in to arkanoid Google alone!) Do your phone a favor and ask it, "Are you tired of running boring applications? Would you like to take a break and grab a byteful of fun?" If your phone says "Yes", it needs some Active Ball. Wait, are you talking to your phone?

Hey, you work too much and need a break yourself. What could be better than playing a carefully crafted arkanoid remake with a twist? Nothing, except playing Active Ball with your officemates to see who gets the highest score.

The game is full of exciting bonuses and is saved upon excite. This means you can have long "Active Ball marathons" that can last days, weeks or months! Ready to start? Go!

Best Regards,
Dmitry Yakimov
http://www.activekitten.com 'Premium PDA games'