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View Full Version : Control over the i600 dialing for email (syncing)

10-02-2004, 08:55 PM
I have been working for over a week to get control over when the i600 actually dials and looks for new mail.(I only want to sync “wirelessly” for e-mail mail) Currently Verizon allows a setting for every 15min or manual (that’s it) which you set on their web page. It then gets sent down to the i600 on you your first sync. I would like to override the setting on my phone and change it to say dial every 30min or once an hr…..

My setup is a pop3 mail account from Comcast - outlook on the desktop – MS active sync for USB connection and syncing – & Verizon wireless sync (sync only mail)

Also I would think there must be a better way to sync e-mail. There are too many moving parts… for example…..when an e-mail arrives at my account (Comcast) it sent it down to outlook on my deck top …. Outlook (I think) sends it through Verizon Wireless sync to Verizon’s server. Where it sits until my i600 decides its time to sync. It then calls the Verizon server where the mail is then retrieved.

Tell me I am naive but that seem like a lot of steps just to get mail…… and let me say way toooooo many moving parts… If just one gets changed its all over!

Is there an easier way???

Kris Kumar
10-04-2004, 02:28 AM
Wow 8O Didn't know that is how the Verizon Wireless Sync worked.

It does seem like it has too many moving parts. Since I am not a VZ customer I can't be specific.

But since you mentioned that you are trying to sync POP3 email from your Comcast account. I would recommend direct sync. By direct sync I mean configuring the POP3 account on the i600 Inbox, so the i600 downloads it directly from the Comcast server instead of the VZ/ActiveSync/WirelessSync mess.

In the Inbox->Menu->Account. Create a New Account and specify the POP3 settings. I am assuming that you have WM2003 on your i600.